Firstly, bravo to the team at MD for their effort in bringing out this collaborative space. Surely hope to see more chair-falling presentations (@Kika – it shows that you loved SlideShare) and thoughts exchanged between all of us.

When I started blogging, it was a similar need to create a space where I could pin my thoughts down and refer to it often. Taking cue from this need of collaborative realtime idea sharing, I have always thought of brainstorming and how we can do it better. I personally like to ideate within a group and write down all possible ideas that come to the table and then thrash out the do-able ones.

A great place to do this online and realtime is

The name came possibly from the idea bubbles that come out of our minds, and its a neat place to start a conversation and then draw out ideas or maps or flow patterns around it and cross link them and phew!! It really lets you brainstorm online. You can share the mind maps you draw. Even embed them in your site. A big round of applause to its creators – Kirril and Levon.

You should take a look. Not only is it cool, its really easy. Did I mention that it’s “FREE”.

I even drew out a mind map for Masala Digital!! When this opens, just remember to click on the image and move it around to view it completely….

What do you think? Where’s my idea-fee?