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Just what money can buy…

Thanks to Sean, I just caught this on youtube..

Goes on as an attempt to say what money can’t buy…but halfway through the video, just what all it can really!

Great work Bill. You wont be missed much, however.

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  • Saving the world, one bulb at a time..

    Came across this brilliant ad today..absolutely to-the-point and really innovative!

    If you think the sun shines out of your arse – try using an energy saving 💡 instead! :mrgreen:
    Voiced by Martin Freeman (The Office, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

    The Solutions|Digitas “We”deo!

    We created a short music video to showcase the India team at the Digitas Global Meet in Paris last month. The video titled “ Right Now @ Solutions Digitas”, is a inspired by Van Halen’s 1991 hit “Right Now”.
    You can view it right here!

    Concept, Script, Visualization, Direction & Presentation by: Nikhil Sarup (Squintedeye Media!).

    If you haven’t seen the original video, watch it here:

    You thought agencies were obsessed with awards? Think again!

    Fallon is moving offices and melting down its many awards to create a “We Are Fallon” “metal mural,” as Agency Spy puts it.

    Now it’s getting its YouTube on with the “Pat Fallon’s Goodbye Speech” video posted above where he’s bidding farewell to the trophies on their way to the smelter. For all who wish to contribute, there’s a Web site where one can donate that spare Clio that’s lying around. So far, 89 people have contributed, including Pat Fallon himself.

    Pat Fallon’s Goodbye Speech

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