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Prison Break is a popular TV show, and the makers recently ran an interesting campaign to promote it in New Zealand.

Colenso BBDO, Auckland advertised prison break by placing special bars of soap in public restrooms all over new Zealand. On one side there was a key-imprint, and on the other the shows details.


Photographer: Stephen Roke
Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Copywriter & Art Director team: Jonathan McMahon and Lisa Fedyszyn
Agency Producer: Jo Kouvaris
Account Director: Katrina Ingham
Account Manager: Lucy Pilkington


It was one of those days when I had an acute fit of “the nothing new syndrome” when I got this mail from my boss, telling me about this site called slideshare.Believe you me when I say that I slipped right off my chair looking at the site. It’s like a Youtube for slides! From marketing to photography it’s all out there. It’s a platform where individuals and organizations upload presentations to share ideas, connect with others and generate leads for their businesses.

You can get some amazing insights on things there. And when I say things I don’t just mean work, you can get a whole lot of insights and ideas on any topic of your interest. Heres a bunch of things you can do on slideshare:-

Ø Embed slideshows into your own blog or website.

Ø Share slideshows publicly or privately. There are several ways to share privately.

Ø Synch audio to your slides.

Ø Market your event on slideshare.

Ø Join groups to connect with Slideshare members who share your interests

Ø Download the original PowerPoint / PDF file (if available)

Apart from the usual stuff you can use slideshare in new and interesting ways, all you need to do is get your innovative gears in order and take off! Heres a bunch of some really interesting slides I came across.

[slideshare id=28886&doc=the-brand-gap-14630&w=425]

[slideshare id=415548&doc=brainrulespzreview-1211213300619507-9&w=425]

[slideshare id=85551&doc=death-by-powerpoint4344&w=425]

[slideshare id=280884&doc=the-unstoppable-power-of-leaderless-organisations-1203948729749866-3&w=425]

[slideshare id=83488&doc=cool-amazing-impressive-advertisements4283&w=425]

[slideshare id=419872&doc=7habitsversie5-1211384232341228-8&w=425]

Free Stuff

What iam going to share with you is very common but ignored, a service which can save us all a lot of money.

Sounds intresting!!

How many times we must have used services like skype,Gizmos to make international calls via computer..ever given it thought the same services can be used with your mobile phone?

No !  try on any Wi-fi enabled network its very simple

1.Download any VoIP application on your  phone.

2. Log on to a good Broadband network and start making calls.

*Please dont compare VoIP call quality with normal Gsm quality  ** Works best with Series-60 phones,check your phone manual.

But who cares when we saving money..a lot of money..

Try and let me know.

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    Thought finding places are difficult..check this out.

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  • Create your own mobile applications- Go Maemo

    Maemo is a computer architecture platform built on desktop open source components. It is aimed at enabling applications and innovative technology for mobile handheld devices.

    The platform is based on the GNU/Linux operating system and the GNOME desktop. Maemo brings developers an easy to use development environment. Its new, optimized, and evolving Hildon UI is customized for the screen size and usage typical for a touch screen enabled handheld device. The development platform is targeted at innovative developers and innovation houses developing applications and new technologies for the mobile space. Utilizing the maemo platform it is easy to mobilize existing desktop solutions. Maemo enables various business models on the top of the platform, including proprietary application distribution.

    Maemo, first introduced in 2005, is one of the core platforms for Nokia’s high-end products. Today maemo is the basis of the OS used in a range of Wi-Fi enabled Internet Tablets. These miniature computer handsets are targeted at a high-tech, Internet savvy audience, including small business verticals. The Internet Tablet models on market are the Nokia N800 and the new Nokia N810. Maemo has reached a level of functionality to provide a full internet experience in pocket sized device – with an intuitive UI.

    Nokia hosts the active open source maemo community ( that exists around the platform, and is an active contributor in various projects. Here you can find a detailed description of the maemo platform architecture and the latest maemo 4.0 release, called Chinook.

    OR go to the link to check out…nokia forum. also get a chance to win a free n-95


    Geotagging, sometimes referred to as Geocoding, is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as websites, RSS feeds, or images and is a form of geospatial metadata. This data usually consists of latitude and longitude coordinates, though it can also include altitude, bearing, and place names.

    Geocoding also refers to the process of taking non-coordinate based geographical identifiers, such as a postal address, and assigning geographic coordinates to them (or vice versa).

    Geotagging can help users find a wide variety of location-specific information. For instance, one can find images taken near a given location by entering latitude and longitude coordinates into a Geotagging-enabled image search engine. Geotagging-enabled information services can also potentially be used to find location-based news, websites, or other resources.

    You thought agencies were obsessed with awards? Think again!

    Fallon is moving offices and melting down its many awards to create a “We Are Fallon” “metal mural,” as Agency Spy puts it.

    Now it’s getting its YouTube on with the “Pat Fallon’s Goodbye Speech” video posted above where he’s bidding farewell to the trophies on their way to the smelter. For all who wish to contribute, there’s a Web site where one can donate that spare Clio that’s lying around. So far, 89 people have contributed, including Pat Fallon himself.

    Pat Fallon’s Goodbye Speech

    The Fourth Screen

    The world will never be the same. There was a time when television was called an “idiot box” because who thought sitting in front of 15 inch screen can be fun, now…

    Phones were just another need.

    How many times we forget to carry our lunch boxes but never our cell phones..

    However, the new word in entertainment is mobile entertainment.

    DVB-H technology that enables watching TV on your mobile phone, is available in India. Currently available only on few Nokia models, it is not very well known & also has not been properly advertised lacking licences and services. DVB-H services are only available in Delhi NCR with telecast license from doordarshan,but not too far off are days when other major broadcasters will put there heart in it… I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    Why should i miss my favorite game..Online jukebox will be a reality soon in India as nokia gets in final talks with operators on revenue. Also, Nokia plans to bring Nokia online music store to india hopefully by this year end..currently The New big thing in Mobile entertainment is Nokia’s new gaming platform called Engage (revamped completely) – a gaming platform which will change the face of mobile gaming forever. Superb graphics, amazing game line ups with names like EA sports,multi player online gaming options..its gonna rock…so gamers watch out for your favorite games! The service is available currently on only a few nokia devices(N-81,N-82, N95 8gb)

    Music- ah i love music but iam confused. My choice of music varies from rock to trance…from underground to pop, ghazals to sufi..that’s why i wanted to buy an iPod so that i can store all my collections..but i dont want to carry one more additional device with me! How many things should i carry..Hmm let me guess my phone?

    With breakthrough in nano technology its all possible.

    Memory mobile phones have reached 16 gb with apple i phone and NOkia N-96 will be launched soonwith a memory of 16 gb (extendable).

    The Mobile: Its not one thing…its many.

    I sip my coffee sitting with my friends in a cafe… nobody knows cause with the easy push-email on my phone i can take care of my work without entering my office!

    i am always available to all my clients – no matter where i am. Being connected to my official mail sever with my phone gives me the confidence that work won’t suffer even if iam on vacation.

    MY stereo may not work while I listen to digital quality music on my phone. I want to watch a movie while i travel…easy stuff on my phone! With high memory,high resolution screen and bose speakers pre-installed, multimedia is a dream come true on my mobile!

    I can sit in my office, and yet cheer my favorite football team winning a match that I watch on my phone with DVB-H and video streaming. I go to an unknown place where i don’t know the language, but my phone shows me the way with Voice guided navigation. I know where to party even if i am a stranger in town..with maps and point of interest pre-loaded on my phone.

    i see some thing i wish to store for posterity – I click a picture with my 10mpx camera phone

    i see a weeding gown and want to show it to my girl, i click, i share my joys with girlfriend thanks to my phone! All this in real time, thanks to video conferencing on my phone.

    i discovered this exotic lake want my friends to come visit me here i geotagged it on my phone with geo tagging and mapping.

    its all i need, but there is more that i want….

    to be contd..

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  • Jason Hiner, Executive Editor, Tech Republic, shares this interesting insight on Twitter – something you heard a lot about at the Digitas Bootcamp:

    For those who have never used Twitter, my biggest challenge here might be giving you a concise definition. Here are some of the common ones that you’ll hear:

    • It’s micro-blogging
    • It’s a 140-character note about what you’re doing
    • It’s an up-to-the-minute status update for all your friends
    • It’s a great way to keep up with what your colleagues are working on
    • It’s a very timely source for news and links
    • It’s like being part of the Borg but you choose your own Collective

    Here’s how I explained Twitter to my mom a couple weeks ago:

    “It’s like a text message or an instant message —
    limited to 140 characters — that you send to everyone on your buddy
    list. You use it when you’re doing something interesting, you have some
    news to share, or you have a Web link that you want to bring to
    people’s attention.”

    If you don’t think that sounds very exciting or useful, you’re not
    alone. A lot of the most active Twitterers I know didn’t take to it
    right away. There’s
    an interesting phenomenon with Twitter where a user gives it a first
    try and then sort of abandons it, while still occasionly checking on
    the messages posted by the people on their contact list. Then, the user
    eventually starts doing and seeing stuff and thinking, “I should post
    that Twitter.” Pretty soon they actually start remembering to post that
    stuff, either from a Web browser or a cell phone, and before long they
    are hooked.

    Five reasons why Twitter matters

    1. Twitter provides a method for tapping into the brainwaves of people whose thoughts and opinions are valuable to you.
    2. It can help you catch breaking news very quickly. It’s the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth.
    3. It can allow you to communicate and network with people that you’ve wanted to meet.
    4. Twitter lets you keep track of colleagues, see what they’re working on, and better understand what they do.
    5. It can serve as a messaging tool to quickly communicate with multiple contacts.

    Twitter for IT

    I primarily use Twitter for three things:

    1. Posting a lot of the stuff that doesn’t make it into my blog. That
      includes links, breaking news, thoughts on current events in the tech
      world, and occasionally a few off-topic notes about digital living and
      civilization as we know it.
    2. Keeping up with current and former co-workers and other friends and
      colleagues — mostly people in the IT industry or the media business.
      I’ve learned more about some of my co-workers from Twitter than I did
      by working with them in the same office for years.
    3. Responding to thoughts and notes from my network of contacts and get to know some of my contacts better in the process.

    You can find me on Twitter at

    Because so many of the early adopters of Twitter are techies, it can
    be a valuable tool for IT leaders, who can not only follow pundits like
    me but can also follow like-minded IT experts. In this way, they can
    build their own custom community of people of interest for IT. That’s
    the greatest strength of Twitter, and that’s why it will end up being
    the most important development on the Web in 2008 — the year it really
    started to gain critical mass.

    There’s another reason why IT pros may be interested in Twitter, and
    it has nothing to do with its use for communication. As an online
    application built on RubyOnRails,
    Twitter has run into scaling problems that have recently led to several
    outages of the service and repeatedly dogged the IT department. In
    fact, the outages have become so common that they are — dangerously —
    becoming one of the distinguishing characteristics of Twitter. Check
    out the TechCrunch article Twitter At Scale: Will It Work? and this blog post form the Twitter staff to get up to speed on the issues involved.

    Masala Digital goes live!

    Solutions|Digitas is India’s leading agency of the digital age and this blog is an amalgamation of digital ideas – or masala, as we call them – picked up by various experts and individuals honing & practicing their marketing mettle at the organization.

    That’s not all! Going forward, we invite industry experts to join the conversation and enrich our collective knowedge base that will take forward Indian advertising & marketing in the new digital age.

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    Masala Digital is not just about Digital Marketing - it's about marketing in the digital age. The defining lines of marketing that segregated ATL, BTL & Digital hardly hold any water in the age of integrated marketing that assimilates effective practices across all available mediums to create truly integrated ideas. Masala Digital is the platform for sharing, collaborating and participating to add wings to these thoughts. You too can contribute..check out the "Contact Us" page for more information.