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Delhi can stop waiting for its buses now..

Here’s the latest from our deal ol’ Delhi Transport Corporation, or more correctly, the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.:

After going the digital way with on-board GPS, the DIMTS fellows have now gone a step further by creating an Online Bus Information System that will help Delhi citizens plan their bus journeys, effectively cutting the wait-time at bus-stops to a minimal.

Citizens can now track buses on Delhi roads in real time though DIMTS’ “Online Bus Information System”. Both AC and Non-AC buses plying on selected BRT routes and all the AC buses on different routes in Delhi can be tracked using this system. Rest assured, it won’t be long before the system is extended to ALL the routes & buses!

ETA Display Click here to View the Estimated Time of Arrival of Buses on the Bus Stops

virtualdisplaymap Click here to View Route-wise Expected Time of Arrival of Buses on Delhi Map (Google Map Integration!)

OneView Click here to View the location of Buses on GIS Map of Delhi (Roll-over mouse on each stop. Green pointers are buses (incl registration numbers for ID)

This is awesome stuff..and an example for others!

More info can be found on the DIMTS website!

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  • Mumbai Terror and the role of new media

    Mumbai suffered one of its worst terror nightmares these last 3 days when armed terrorists took over strategic spots in Mumbai, leading to a bloodshed yet unparalleled in its gruesomeness.

    While the terror attacks received worldwide media coverage, it was no less covered extensively by citizen journalists and common people who used a host of digital mediums to add to the story. Internet, and new media tools, came on the forefront as reliable tools to track the terror drama.

    wiki_mumbaiA wikipedia page was constantly updated by vigilant users, providing a single point of reference.

    Many twitter feeds contributed to real-time reporting & status update, which were utilzed heavily by the administration, media as well as citizens to get regular updates as well as channelize real-time help.


    Twitter feed for Mumbai

    Twitter-fed list of useful local numbers

    Post the attacks, these feeds have become the buzz-ground for discussions, opinions and to plan next steps to solve the problem at its roots.

    image A google maps page also became a ready reference guide, especially for people outside India to get a real-life perspective of where and how things were happening.

    image Vinu’s photostream was picked up by Fox News & CNN as well as multiple channels to provide real-time updates on all that was happening.

    image Over 2000 videos have flooded youtube post the attacks.

    image The MumbaiHelp blog has updated lists of all relevant helpline numbers as well.

    Gharkamai: Yet another Indian dot-com startup!

    All boys & men working from home rejoice…and welcome aboard Gharkamai!

    Gharkamai Logo

    Started by a couple of Delhi dotcommers, Gharkamai is in beta as we speak, and aims at connecting businesses with business professionals as per need.

    So if you are looking at home-based work, have an unexplored expertise, need extra income, then log on & create a profile. Similarly, if you need freelancers and project-centric professionals, it makes sense to look some people up over here.

    2 reasons why the resource pool should be good here:

    1. Home-based workers strive to deliver better, as a sense of entrepreneurship comes in, leading to better results

    2. In these recession-led times, pink slipped folks can find solace here!

    The only glitch – registration process is a bit long, and you need to submit a CV…painful. Hope the owners do something about that!

    Check it out & do post a comment upon your experience…

    Launched: India’s own Laptop Community

    Through the years, Indian consumers have gotten used to the fact that if they want to find out more about laptops, they only have two options:

    1. Read international reviews & opinions, a lot of which may not be applicable to India

    2. Tread the dusty Nehru Place (New Delhi) or equivalent lanes in the city and dodge the dodgy hardware shops and hope to get a good deal

    Both are impractical and unfriendly options, and more often than not, the only savior is the IT department admin at your place of work or Word-of-Mouth via friends. The only problem is that these routes can only yield limited info and hence, limited results.

    Thankfully, India now has its own laptop review site – with Indian content, products that are available in India, best laptop deals and more.

    image is a community review site designed purely for Indian audiences and their needs. Still in its infancy, and hence beta (!), the site already has 100s of laptop models reviewed including the latest hp laptop, Dell, Apple & Acers of the world..and a list of models rated prominently basis their popularity with users. There is also an integrated discussion board (PhPBB based forum), product videos, Q&A, latest India-specific news & new launch info and some well written & regularly updated articles relevant to the site’s content.

    Users who consider themselves laptop experts can join the community as experts to guide others. I am joining for sure…think I have had enough of providing gyaan to all & sundry, and it wont hurt to spread my wings a bit! Brands can look at the site as a niche opportunity to advertise their products to a bang-on TG…makes sense.

    Try it out..and do leave a comment here about how you find the experience!

    Next Up:BarcampDelhi5!



    BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants — often focusing on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats.

    BarCamp Delhi is proposed to be a camp where enthusiasts get together and discuss/ brain-storm/ share opinions/ information/ wisdom about anything. Be it Web Technologies, technology related trends, Mobiles, Hacking, Blogging, Vlogs, Social Media etc. that interests the people.


    11-12th October – Barcamp Delhi 5 has tentatively been decided to hold on these dates.

    How to register & Volunteer?

    * Click on BCD5Campers to register yourself.

    * Barcamp is your event. Help this event by Volunteering in some or the other tasks: BCD5Volunteers

    Proposed Talks/ Sessions

    See the list of sessions planned and/or add your talks: BCD5Sessions
    IIT Delhi

    On the History of Barcamp, please read here.

    Intel today launched its ambitious “Connected Indians” movement at The Taj Palace, New Delhi.

    connected indians

    Check out!

    The Connected Indians movement aims to be the catalyst for delivering the power of the Internet into the hands of a billion Indians. Intel states that its success will hinge on spirited public and private participation.

    Over the next few months, Intel will mobilize people, resources & infrastructure to facilitate Internet adoption across India.

    Over time, this collaboration will help build partnerships between people, Industries and stakeholders via a complete and connected ecosystem to accelerate the growth of Internet and its benefits to the society.

    The Connected Indian web site is an innovation in itself wherein users can click on an interactive map to locate their co-ordinates, and then post their voice for an Internet-enabled India. Not only that, they can utilize the in-built feature to invite more of their friends and peers from their web contact lists to add in more numbers.

    There is also an India Speaks section that highlights different areas where Internet is making a huge difference in the way people, processes, industries & services in India are progressing with the power of the Internet.

    Intel is following up this movement on-ground with specially-designed “Net Yatras” wherein it will showcase Internet’s benefits to Indians using interactive tools & techniques.

    This is one movement that has been designed with a specific cause in mind and Intel promises that for every 10,000 Connected Indians who register, the movement will donate a PC to selected government schools in rural areas.

    Now that’s what we call a spirited initiative!

    Know more about the movement here.

    Join the movement here.

    Join the Connected Indians Orkut Community here.

    Intel’s partners in this venture include google, HCL, Zenith, Edurite, MAIT, BSNL, Reliance Communications, Tata Indicom, Acer, Intex, Novatium, Wipro, Asus, CII, e-zone, lenovo, NIIT, Tata Communications, Croma, NASSCOM etc.

    It will be interesting to see the kind of products & services Intel will introduce to take this step further & forward. Here’s wishing Intel all the best for the initiative & hoping that more & more brands take such steps towards better propagation and acceptance of technology!

    The Fourth Screen

    The world will never be the same. There was a time when television was called an “idiot box” because who thought sitting in front of 15 inch screen can be fun, now…

    Phones were just another need.

    How many times we forget to carry our lunch boxes but never our cell phones..

    However, the new word in entertainment is mobile entertainment.

    DVB-H technology that enables watching TV on your mobile phone, is available in India. Currently available only on few Nokia models, it is not very well known & also has not been properly advertised lacking licences and services. DVB-H services are only available in Delhi NCR with telecast license from doordarshan,but not too far off are days when other major broadcasters will put there heart in it… I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    Why should i miss my favorite game..Online jukebox will be a reality soon in India as nokia gets in final talks with operators on revenue. Also, Nokia plans to bring Nokia online music store to india hopefully by this year end..currently The New big thing in Mobile entertainment is Nokia’s new gaming platform called Engage (revamped completely) – a gaming platform which will change the face of mobile gaming forever. Superb graphics, amazing game line ups with names like EA sports,multi player online gaming options..its gonna rock…so gamers watch out for your favorite games! The service is available currently on only a few nokia devices(N-81,N-82, N95 8gb)

    Music- ah i love music but iam confused. My choice of music varies from rock to trance…from underground to pop, ghazals to sufi..that’s why i wanted to buy an iPod so that i can store all my collections..but i dont want to carry one more additional device with me! How many things should i carry..Hmm let me guess my phone?

    With breakthrough in nano technology its all possible.

    Memory mobile phones have reached 16 gb with apple i phone and NOkia N-96 will be launched soonwith a memory of 16 gb (extendable).

    The Mobile: Its not one thing…its many.

    I sip my coffee sitting with my friends in a cafe… nobody knows cause with the easy push-email on my phone i can take care of my work without entering my office!

    i am always available to all my clients – no matter where i am. Being connected to my official mail sever with my phone gives me the confidence that work won’t suffer even if iam on vacation.

    MY stereo may not work while I listen to digital quality music on my phone. I want to watch a movie while i travel…easy stuff on my phone! With high memory,high resolution screen and bose speakers pre-installed, multimedia is a dream come true on my mobile!

    I can sit in my office, and yet cheer my favorite football team winning a match that I watch on my phone with DVB-H and video streaming. I go to an unknown place where i don’t know the language, but my phone shows me the way with Voice guided navigation. I know where to party even if i am a stranger in town..with maps and point of interest pre-loaded on my phone.

    i see some thing i wish to store for posterity – I click a picture with my 10mpx camera phone

    i see a weeding gown and want to show it to my girl, i click, i share my joys with girlfriend thanks to my phone! All this in real time, thanks to video conferencing on my phone.

    i discovered this exotic lake want my friends to come visit me here i geotagged it on my phone with geo tagging and mapping.

    its all i need, but there is more that i want….

    to be contd..

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